Designs In Silk

Sample Greenery Pieces

Here is a sample of greenery pieces created in our shop. All greenery pieces are created from scratch, and no two pieces are identical. We are happy to create custom greenery pieces to fit your needs. We are happy to use your containers. When ordering custom greenery pieces, please have measurements so that your greenery piece is appropriate in size. Depending on where you plan to put your greenery piece, you may or may not want drips (hanging greenery that falls below your piece.

Width -30inches          

Height- 13 inches

Drips - 24 inches below container

Price - $42.00

Width - 18 inches

Height - 8 inches

Price - $20.00

Width - 20 inches

Height - 20 inches

Price - $34.00

Wall planter with mixed greenery.

Width -20 inches

Height - 14 inches

Price - $38.00

Boston fern in ceramic pot. (Full on all sides.)

Width - 24 inches

Height - 14 inches

Price - $38.00

Mixed greenery in metal container.





















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